Monday, December 29, 2008

Improve Your Playing Speed With Smart Training

If you thought you needed to "run with high knees" to increase your speed, then you need to download "Sports Fitness Hut's Speed Training For Athletes" eBook!

If you didn't know that inadequate core strength is one of the major reasons you slow down when you're tired, then download this eBook! And, guess what? You don't have to be the fastest person in the 100 meter sprint to win the race. These are just a few pointers you can read about in my eBook!

Straight-ahead speed is important but there are other types of speed such as starting speed, acceleration speed, top-end speed, change-of-direction speed, stopping speed, closing speed and speed endurance. You should train for all types of speed particular to your sport. Quickness, which is reacting explosively without hesitation should also be trained for and will enhance your overall speed.

You can also download my companion eBooks on this same page to help your overall sports fitness training.

These eBooks are great tools for coaches, parents, athletes and exercisers!

Train hard and smart!

Download your FREE 10-Minute Strength and Power Workouts now!

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