Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Strengthen Hamstrings More During Lunges And Step Ups

I can't talk enough about constantly conditioning and strengthening your hamstrings.... hamstring injuries are among the most difficult for athletes in running sports to recover from....just when you think the "hammy" is healed, you "tweak your hammy", prevention of injury is always best....

Two common exercises, the lunge and step up (pictured above), can be adjusted to work your hamstrings more during these exercises.....its simple to do:

For the step up exercise - the higher the platform (needs to be at least knee high), the more your hamstrings will be worked.

For the lunge
- reach out farther on your lunge step and your hamstrings will be worked more than your quadriceps.

Small adjustments in exercise technique can make a huge difference.....Train hard and smart to get better in your sport!

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  1. As a catcher in baseball, I found that lunges were a GREAT exercise for my legs. I remember our strength coach saying "A catcher and pitcher can NEVER do too many lunges."

    And we did not do them fast. He taught us to take them nice and slow, to enjoy the stretch as much as the mle building technique.

  2. Thanks for the visit and comment Tommy! Excellent tip on going slow with lunges!