Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Preconditioning To Prevent Injuries, 2

Preconditioning or "training to train" is important and you shouldn't skip over it! Sports fitness training's main purpose is prevent or minimize injuries while helping you compete at a high level.

Preconditioning can be done all year to supplement your main training program.

Part of preconditioning is making sure your running mechanics are perfected. Bad running mechanics can cause injury when you start to run at full speed. For example, if you over-stride when running, it will cause a "braking effect" which will slow you down and possibly cause groin and hamstring injuries.

Another common running mechanics problem is a "lazy heel" when it leaves the ground. The faster the running speed, the higher the heel on the rear foot should kick up. When the foot leaves the ground, it should follow a path straight up to the buttocks. It should not flail from side to side or lag.

Part of preconditioning is TRAINING YOUR BODY WITH CORRECT BIOMECHANICS (movements) for weight training, speed training and power training!

You can also precondition your achilles tendons after a speed workout because of the increased blood flow to the tendons (this area normally doesn't get strong blood flow).

Another big part of preconditioning is to improve MUSCLE FLEXIBILITY AND JOINT RANGE OF MOTION. A good time to do this is after a workout when the body is warm and blood flow is good. Pre-workout dynamic flexibility exercises are also important.

Stay tuned for more on preconditioning....

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  1. Great Advice! If more people followed this path they would experience better health and fewer injuries

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