Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Train Your Body During Baseball Season

Just because your baseball season has started doesn't mean that you can stop training your body....the baseball season is long and grinding so you need to continue to strength train between games. If you don't, you will find your body beginning to wear down and your performance suffering.

At the least, you need one day of full body strength training and one day of high speed power training....this will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

If you're playing a 70 to 80 game college schedule or a 162 game professional schedule, you can see how your body will wear down. Don't let all the progress you made in the offseason go to waste!

Your full body circuit weight training should be with light weights and high repetitions (10-15 repetitions per set) and your power training could consist of high speed medicine ball exercises like medicine ball chops, rotational throws, soccer throws, squat jumps and slams (8-10 repetitions per set).

Have a more successful season by training during the season!

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  1. When you're in your sports season it's often difficult to continue on with the workouts that you're accustomed to. One thing you should continue to at least maintain is the strength in your core. It's as easy as doing some functional body weight exercises that can help you maintain and still perform at optimum levels. 8-15 minutes per day can help

  2. Thanks for the comment Fred! I see too many younger athletes who do no training during the season and it shows late in the season...


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