Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Excellent Vision Is Underestimated In Sports

Excellent vision is definitely an underestimated attribute that athletes need in sports....height, weight, speed, strength, jumping ability, etc. are often mentioned when talking about a recruit or prospect....ever heard anyone mention "vision performance" when talking about a hot-shot baseball, football or basketball recruit? I didn't think my article on Vision Performance.

Athletes need to know which eye is dominate especially in sports that require a ball. If you don't know which eye is dominate, get tested by an eye doctor.

Every athlete also needs to constantly improve hand-eye coordination. You can work on hand-eye coordination every day. Do drills like:

1. I always recommend that athletes jump rope to get better overall hand, eye and body coordination.

2. Playing games like ping pong improve your hand-eye coordination.

3. Play catch with the ball in your sport as much as possible. Training your hands and eyes repetitively can help you even catch a ball without looking, if needed in a game.

4. Improve your vision in these areas:

a. Dynamic Visual Acuity
b. Visual Recognition
c. Depth Perception
d. Visual Tracking or Focusing

There are vision performance specialists that can help you improve in these areas.

Don't forget to improve your vision while you're improving your strength and speed!

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