Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What Middle School Athletes Need Most

I saw again this weekend what middle school athletes need most....

I was watching a client play baseball this weekend and I was talking to his dad about youth sports fitness training....he basically wanted to know what I thought middle school athletes needed most when it came to training.

It was an easy answer.....middle school athletes are usually lacking these 2 things:

1. Inadequate core strength and overall body other words, most of them are weaklings! Its not their fault, just a lack of strength training.

2. None of them eat as athletes should eat! Again, they just need a sports meal plan to follow.....then, they will understand how little they are actually eating.

These two things are the backbone of my training program for middle school athletes. Your young athlete needs a certain amount of foundational strength to be able to have a chance to compete in high school....and the summer months are a perfect time to get them started building muscle mass and core strength.

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