Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What You Need Before Sport Specific Exercises, 2

As I wrote yesterday, you need a good foundation before beginning sport specific exercises. Strength, flexibility and sports nutrition are keys to your success during competition....

"Sports Fitness Hut's Strength and Power Training for Athletes" eBook is a must read! In it you will learn the fundamentals of:

1) Integrated Flexibility Training
2) Core Stabilization Training
3) Balance Training
4) Integrated Strength Training
5) Power Training
6) Integrated Speed Training
7) Nutrition and Sports Supplementation

As you can see, training for strength and power is a comprehensive, systematic approach and it is much more than “gym science.” If you are a serious athlete, you will want a program that continually challenges and improves your physical skills!

Be sure and download your Free Dumbbell and Medicine Ball Metabolic Fat Burner Workouts and start shaping your body faster!

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