Friday, May 22, 2009

Depth Jump Improves Speed, Power And Athleticism

The depth jump is a plyometric exercise that will improve your speed, power and athleticism because it works the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles. You will improve your athleticism and speed in any sport that involves running or jumping by using the depth jump.

The basic depth jump is very sports specific but it can also be tailored to your specific sport. For example, basketball requires landing on one leg in many situations. So, you could progress from two-legged to one-legged depth jumps.

You should perfect jumping and landing techniques before doing depth jumps at full speed.

1. Stand on top of a plyo box or platform. A higher plyo box will improve your leg strength more and a lower plyo box will improve your speed more.

2. Step forward off the plyo box and land on the balls of your feet. Don't land on your toes or your heels or you could damage your knees.

You can do one depth jump at a time or repeating depth jumps. With repeating depth jumps, you would jump down off a plyo box and immediately jump up onto another plyo box. Repeating depth jumps are more applicable to real game action.

Use your arms to add to your speed by swinging them back before stepping off the platform and swinging them up as your feet hit the ground (ready to jump again). Keep your back in neutral alignment (not arched or rounded) and look staight ahead.

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  1. Any tips on when and how to use plyo in a program?

    As your other article mentions it could be part of the power/speed phase for football athletes, for example. How about in using it as part of a fat burning regimen?

  2. Hey Matt....use plyo exercises extensively only when your body has the strength and stability to withstand the intensity, jumps, bounding, etc....two plyo workouts a week at maximum (lower body one workout and upper body the other is good)....jump training is good for burning fat because it is so intense...have fun and be safe!