Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Step Ups Improve Hip And Hamstring Flexibility And Strength

You can use step ups to strengthen, condition and improve flexibility in your hips and hamstrings....Step ups should be a major part of every athletes exercise program.
Step ups also help to keep your lower body in muscular balance since it is done "one leg at a time."

When doing step ups, perform all repetitions with one leg and switch to the other leg. Don't let the nonworking leg touch the platform (i.e., one leg should do all the work). Keep your body upright at all times (don't slouch or lean back). Also, a knee-high platform will benefit your hamstrings more than lower platforms.

I have my athletes use step ups as a warmup bodyweight exercise and as a strength exercise with dumbbells. Step ups will help you improve your speed because you use the same pathways that it takes to run when you do this exercise.

Take care of your hips and hamstrings and you'll prevent alot of injuries!

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