Monday, July 13, 2009

Walking Lunge With Upper Body Rotation

The walking lunge with upper body rotation is a good exercise that will improve core strength, lower body strength, running speed and dynamic balance.

When you do the walking lunge with upper body rotation, keep your torso upright, don't let your front knee go past the front foot and don't let the back knee touch the ground. Also, when you lunge, the front thigh should be parallel to the ground. Rotate your upper body with the medicine ball in both hands when you lunge (see picture above).

Do this exercise as a warmup or regular workout exercise. To work your hamstrings more, lunge out further with the front leg. A shorter lunge will work the quadriceps more. Most athletes need more hamstring strength to prevent injuries.

Increase the weight of the medicine ball to increase difficulty.

Include the walking lunge with upper body rotation in your regular workouts.

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