Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Exercises For Athletes

Here are some exercises that you should be doing as an athlete:

Core Exercises for Stabilization, Strength and Power. See this post.

Squats (2 legs and single leg) - Don't leave squats out of your workout!

Deadlift - The deadlift is one of the best full body exercises there is.

Clean and Hang - A great exercise because you execute the exercise from the same position that you jump from (or the power position).

Medicine Ball Throws and Chops - These exercises are great for full speed power exercises.

Multiplanar Lunges and Step Ups - These 1 legged exercises use the same pathways you use to run.

Hip Strength and Flexibility - You won't be a good athlete without well-conditioned and flexible hips.

Hamstring Flexibility and Strength Exercises - Hamstring conditioning and strength should be on-going.

Improve dynamic balance with 1 legged exercises and by training on different surfaces.

Squat Jumps, vertical jumps and long Jumps - These exercises will tell you how much leg power you have.

Ladder Drills, Cone Drills, Speed Drills and Bounding Drills -

Train hard and smart and become a champion!

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