Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quarterbacks Improve Throwing Arm With Power

Quarterbacks are always looking to improve their throwing arms. Just lifting weights and increasing arm strength won't do the trick for you. What you need is more power and explosion, or speed strength. Improve your arm speed.

What's the best way to improve your arm speed? You need strength and power in your legs, core and arm (particularly a strong shoulder).

Power needs to be transferred from your legs through your core to your throwing arm. This will increase your arm speed and throwing distance. Many athletes have strong, powerful legs but weak cores.

Along with your weightlifting program, you need to include power exercises like squat jumps, vertical leaps, sport-specific plyometric exercises and sport-specific medicine ball exercises. These power exercises should be performed at FULL SPEED.

Three medicine ball power exercises that quarterbacks should do are the medicine ball rotational throw, medicine ball soccer throw and medicine ball one-armed throw.

Quarterbacks, improve your throwing arm by "powerizing" your entire body.

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