Friday, September 24, 2010

Sport Specific Training At Speed And Power Camp

"Sport-specific training" is important because you can "train for movements in your sport." Because some sports have similar movements, athletes at Sports Fitness Hut's Speed and Power Camp did some sport-specific training.

See Speed Camp Youtube video!

When done right, sport-specific training will definitely improve your game on the field or on the court. When done wrong, sport-specific training will lead you to many injuries!

Parents should not get too eager to put their kids in a sport-specific training program. Foundational core training and general muscle strength/stability/endurance should come first. Trust me, I have seen many injuries related to high intensity sport-specific training because the player's body wasn't ready for the demands of this type of training. Don't skip steps A and B to get to step C!

You should do a major part of your sport-specific training during the offseason when you have more time to devote to improving your athletic skills, strength, power and speed. Offseason training also gives you time to recover from the full speed, intense exercises. YOU MUST TRAIN FAST TO GET FASTER AND MORE EXPLOSIVE.....IT IS HIGH RISK, HIGH REWARD!

The exercises mimic the actions made in your sport and strength is developed in the same range of motion used in your sport. Running exercises also duplicate what you need to compete. For instance, football players would need starting speed, acceleration speed, speed endurance and power. Both training volume and intensity is high during this phase.

Plyometric exercises are also a big part of sport specific training. This is a critical phase for an elite athlete. See this post for common plyometric exercises.

Train hard and smart!

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