Monday, November 22, 2010

Complete Speed Training For Track Coaches

One of the best track coaches I know is Latif Thomas. As you probably know by now, he's the creator of the best selling program, Complete Speed Training Volume 2: How to Build Champion Sprinters.

It's the only program I've ever seen that is both dedicated entirely to coaching 55-400m sprinters and covers everything from speed, strength and power development to mobility, endurance and program design.

When you take a look at the program, you'll see it really is The Holy Grail of sprint training programs.

So here's the deal:

As a reader/subscriber of Sports Fitness Hut, I want to do something extra for you as an added incentive to invest in the program.

So Latif has agreed to add his Speed Secrets Revealed program, for free, when you order Complete Speed Training 2 between now and Friday Nov. 26th.

Speed Secrets Revealed goes perfectly with the Complete Speed Training 2 program and means, when you order, you'll have 15 DVDs spanning 13 hours of cutting edge track and field training information coming your way.

Believe me when I tell you this information will change the culture of your sprint program. So take a look at the offer I have for you.

But remember, Latif has agreed to make both programs
available to you at a price you'll agree is more than fair....but only until November 26th at midnight.

Mark Dilworth, Certified Personal Trainer


  1. Great Post! The weight room is an area of relative weakness for most sprints coaches. But it’s as important to success as anything else you do in practice.Acceleration and Top Speed training are the guts of your sprints program.

  2. Yeah, hopefully those track coaches will have good strength coaches on staff. I think most coaches of any sport doesn't have the time to really concentrate on strength programs...thanks for the visit!

  3. Well, these training modalities can be used in a training program to increase speed factor. Now Speed Training in Middletown, New Jersey also providing the good opportunities to every sports person to increase there strength by many types of trainings.


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