Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vertical Jump Program

You can train to improve your vertical jump and sports power. Power and dynamic balance are the two best physical predictors of athletic success. Power is defined as the ability to exert maximum force in the shortest amount of time (rate-of-force production).

Power, which is improved with plyometric exercises, is often overlooked when athletes are strength training. Plyometric exercises will help you improve your speed and power. If your body has the needed strength and stability, plyometrics will improve your sports power and explosive speed.

My friends at JumpUSA have been around for 20 years and their products will help you improve your jumping ability and overall game.

Some current products at JumpUSA are:

--Agility Domes
--Agility Ladders
--Hypergravity Weighted Belts
--Jumpsoles Plyometric Training Platforms
--Medicine Balls
--Plyometric Jump Boxes
--Power Hurdles
--Proprioceptor Plugs for Jumpsoles
--Speed Parachutes
--SpringBak Insoles

and others!

See JumpUSA products to help you improve your vertical jumps and power!

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