Monday, March 14, 2011

100 Meter Training To Make You A Champion

If you want to be a champion in the 100 meter race, you have to train the right way. Champions are made and not born that way. It takes hard work.

You may have been blessed with great genetics. But, you have to work to improve your running techniques and conditioning.

Coach Marc Mangiacotti at Brown University has the perfect program for coaches and sprinters, “How to Build the Perfect 100m Runner From Start to Finish.” If you want a more successful sprints program, you need faster 100m runners.

But, as a coach, you can’t wait to win the genetic lottery. And copying the workouts and progressions of Olympic level coaches/sprinters doesn’t transfer over to the high school level.

If you look hard enough, you can piece together how different people
coach the 100m. But nothing puts it together, from start to finish,
like this new program from Coach Mangiacotti:

Get the 100 Meter Training Program Here!

In “How to Build the Perfect 100m Runner From Start to Finish”, he
covers everything from block settings, acceleration and max velocity
to workout planning and progressions....both on the track and in the
weight room.

Plus he shows you the drills he uses and shows you where, how and why he uses different types of training over the course of the season.

In fact, in addition to the 2.5 hours of programming, he’s giving
you every workout (on and off the track) he used for the entire

The same progressions that led his 4x100m relay team to a Division III National Championship last spring. (His 4x400 relay also won the National Championship).

And, for the first 150 people who order, he’s doing a Live Q&A where he’ll answer all of your training questions once you get a chance to go through the program.

And, did I mention you’re getting 2.5 hours of instruction, his entire annual plan and a Live Q&A all for only $47?

Get the 100 Meter Training Program Here!

This could be the best deal you’ll ever come across. I know I
can’t think of a better offer. You can write your own workouts.
Steal his. Ask him questions. All, none or some of the above.

To me, just one good idea is worth more than $47. After seeing the
program, I know you’ll get as much as you can handle and more.

Get the 100 Meter Training Program Here!

Work hard and smart to be successful.

Mark Dilworth at Sports Fitness Hut


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