Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sports Power Workout Improves Strength, Power and Speed

Improve your strength, power and speed with my Sports Power Workout Book. It won't cost you anything, except hard, smart work. Need proof?

I was watching a middle school client play his football game last year. This kid never came off the field---he played offense (running back), defense (linebacker) and special teams!

When I trained him last summer, I told him that he would be stronger and faster for the entire game than his opponents. I saw it in person that night!

After talking to him, he feels the difference too. I still train him so he will maintain his strength and power during the season.

Because of the positions he plays, he has to run fast most of the game. Putting on the extra 10 pounds of muscle and decreasing his 40 yard dash time by 2 tenths of a second last summer has elevated his performance to a higher level.

Everyone sees it. Sports fitness power training done right always works for the athlete!

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