Monday, March 7, 2011

Run Faster--Apply More Force To The Ground

All of you want to run faster and become better players. One way to run faster is to learn how to apply more force to the ground when you run.

You can't just wish you could run faster. You have to train correctly to improve your running speed. Its not magic tricks, its hard work done the right way--again and again and again.

You can improve your running speed no matter who you are! Fact is, you won't be your best until you can run as fast as you can.

First, you should practice the running mechanics every day to improve your running efficiency and straight-ahead speed.

Second, continually strengthen your body (core included). You can't reach your running speed potential with a weak body.

There is one running technique that is unknown by many. One way to run faster is to apply more force to the ground with your feet. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

The more force you apply to the ground, the more the ground will "give you power."

When you run, don't lift your knee past your "thigh being parallel" to the ground. This way, you will use your "power center" (glutes and hamstrings) to apply force to the ground instead of the less powerful hip flexors.

In other words, running "with high knees" is not the best way to run. Also, step over the opposite knee and drive the foot down into the ground to create maximum force.

Practice the "little things" to help you run faster!

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  1. Hi there! thanks for giving me the idea on what is the right thing to do. I used to be a runner when I was in grade school. Now, I don't run anymore because I'm always busy.

  2. Hi Ann...thanks for visiting? Try running 15-20 minutes before or after work. That's all it takes.

  3. Thanks Mark for the advice. I will try but I can't really promise.Sometimes, what I'm doing is jog in my place for 10 mins. Hopefully it can burn my calories.

  4. Ann...10 minutes of cardio is good too. As your conditioning improves, you will go harder and/or increase the time. You could also work in intervals as you progress.

    On alternate days, try 10 minutes of circuit strength training to build muscle. Let me know how its going.


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