Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sports Power Workout Book

Download my free Sports Power Workout Book and improve your play on the field or court. Explosive power is many times more important than running speed when you are trying to "make the play."

To get your muscles to improve power (how fast your muscles can produce force), do some or all of the exercises full speed. Getting stronger and stronger won't help you much if your power doesn't improve.

Another way to build power and explosiveness is with high-speed medicine ball exercises after having laid the foundation with traditional barbell, dumbbell and core exercises. Medicine ball exercises also allow you to exercise using your natural motions....this is important because every person moves different.

Download your FREE 10-Minute Strength and Power Workouts now!

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  1. Good book, lots of useful information available with respect to fitness.

  2. Hey Fitness Freak! How's it been going? Please send the Sports Power Book to your friends. Thanks for stopping by.

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