Saturday, June 7, 2014

Do Walking Lunges for Strength, Power and Speed

Use walking lunges as part of your dynamic warm-up or as a strength exercise.....walking lunges are great for adding muscular balance and dynamic balance to your lower body because you work one leg at a time and you can't "cheat."

See my post here for a detailed discussion of hamstring flexibility and strength.

The walking lunge can be a great strength and flexibility exercise for your hamstrings. The further you "lunge out" with the lead leg, the more your hamstrings are worked.

And, if you don't "lunge out" very far, your quadriceps will get more work than your hamstrings. The quadriceps get plenty of work with other exercises like leg presses, squats and leg extensions.

You also need adequate core strength to keep your body upright during the walk. Walking lunges also improve your speed because you use the same pathways it takes to run fast.

When you do the walking lunge, don't let your front knee go past your foot and don't let your back knee touch the ground on the descent. Also, don't let the front thigh go past parallel to the ground.

Include this staple exercise in your workouts!

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