Sunday, February 1, 2015

7 Secrets to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is a man’s best friend.  It focuses our thoughts, increases sex drive and everyday drive, increases muscle size and strength, and can strengthen our bones, preventing osteoporosis.   Most men start to notice a natural decline in testosterone in their 40s, due to the aging process.  There are ways to prevent this process from taking over your life!  Let me explain.There are various ways to increase testosterone naturally.  A combination of diet and exercise can promote natural increases in testosterone and you can regain your strong and virile self.

Ways to increase testosterone naturally with exercise:Lift heavy or go home - Incorporating strength training naturally increases your testosterone levels.   The most common lifts are Olympic-type lifts which incorporate a wide range of body parts and quickly fatigue the body.  Due to fatigue and the metabolic demands placed on the body during compound movements and Olympic lifts, you will see tremendous spikes in your testosterone.

Hit It Hard - The intensity also raises blood concentrations of testosterone.  Increasing the intensity can boost your testosterone.  How?  When your body is fatigued by exercise, there is a sharp rise in testosterone - not so much for lower intensity exercises.  In one study, the use of maximal jumping demonstrated a rise in testosterone concentrations.   They determined that with intense maximal exertion and exercising until fatigued, there was a marked increase in testosterone than at baseline. So no more 5-minute rests between sets!  Lowering your rest time will boost T levels dramatically!

Up The Sets, Lower The Reps - Increasing the sets and lowering the repetitions can boost testosterone in the body.   The jury is still out on if it’s due to fatigue, the metabolic demand placed on the body, or just the amount of weight results in this increase.  But rest assured, increasing the volume will boost testosterone.  What is the result: besides fatigue, you put on more muscle mass making you stronger and leaner than ever before!

Here are foods which boost testosterone:Diet is the other player in raising testosterone levels.  There are many nutritious foods you should add to your current diet which contain specific nutrients that help in the production of testosterone.

Oysters - If you are a fan of Oysters on the half shell, then you are also a BIG fan of raising your testosterone.   Oysters have been used for hundreds of years as an aphrodisiac in different cultures.  Oysters contain healthy doses of zinc, which is a potent mineral in the production of testosterone.

Red meat - Here’s to getting in touch with your inner carnivore!   Reducing red meat in the diet can lead to reduced testosterone levels and testosterone production.  However, you want to make sure you are getting grass-fed, hormone-free red meat.   Cattle fed the way it should be, results in leaner meats with higher Omega-3 fatty acids.   

And if you’re worried about saturated fat, don’t be!  Our body needs saturated fat for hormone production and certain chemical reactions in the body.   Just be sure to ingest them in moderate levels and make sure you are getting free-range, grass-fed beef!Fatty fish - Here’s another reason to eat fish!  The fats found in fish can also increase your testosterone. Omega 3 fatty acids increase HDL cholesterol which the body uses for producing testosterone. 

Seeds and nuts - Nuts are filled with healthy amounts of Omega-3 fats which are good for raising your good cholesterol.   Most seeds also have high levels of Vitamin E and zinc which can send your testosterone through the roof.Incorporating the right foods in your diet and including heavy lifts like squats, lunges, deadlifts, and other Olympic lifts and altering the volume and intensity of your workout can naturally increase your testosterone.

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