Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lateral Bounding Drills Improve Speed And Athleticism

Lateral bounding (with proper footwork) during a game and explosively continuing with the play will separate you from the competition.

How many times have you seen a linebacker, running back, shortstop, soccer defender or basketball player bound laterally and accelerate past the opponent? High level athletes have excellent lateral speed.

Lateral bounding is a progression from lateral lunges that requires you to practice lateral movement at game-time speed.

Do not progress to full-speed lateral bounding until the proper mechanics are achieved with lateral lunges. One common mechanical breakdown is when the knees protrude far in front of the feet when decelerating, landing or squatting. This puts undue stress on the knees and often causes injury.

When's the last time you worked to improve your lateral speed and explosion?

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