Monday, May 4, 2009

Lying Leg Over or "Iron Cross" Stretch

Use the lying leg over or "iron cross" stretch to improve your hip and low back flexiblity...With flexible hips and low back, you will be able to move more fluidly as an athlete and your speed will improve.

1. Make sure to keep your shoulders pressed to the ground at all times. This will give you maximum stretch in your hip.

2. Lie on your back then take one leg straight overhead and bring across your body down to ground. Don't "log roll" your body as you lower your leg! If you can't touch the ground, do the best you can until your flexibility improves. Hold stretch 20-30 seconds.

Many of you will not be able to touch your toe on the ground.....that's okay, you can do this stretch every day to improve your flexibility.

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