Monday, September 10, 2012

Improve Throwing Miles per Hour with Power

Improve your throwing miles per hour (velocity) with an integrated training approach. Just lifting weights and increasing arm strength won't improve your throwing velocity.

What you also need is more power and explosion, or speed strength. Improve your arm speed in order to improve your throwing velocity.

Here are 3 tips to improve your throwing velocity:

1. You need strength in your legs, core and upper body/arm (particularly a strong shoulder).

2. Improve your power output. Power needs to be transferred from your legs through your core to your throwing arm. This will improve your arm speed and throwing velocity. Many athletes have strong, powerful legs but weak cores.

Include power exercises like squat jumps, vertical leaps, sport-specific plyometric exercises and sport-specific medicine ball exercises in your training program. These power exercises should be performed at FULL SPEED.

3. Medicine ball power exercises are a must in your program. You are able to mimic powerful motions with these exercises. Some exercises you should do are the medicine ball rotational throw, medicine ball soccer throw, medicine ball one-armed throw and medicine ball slams.

"Powerizing" your entire body will improve your arm speed and throwing velocity.

Work hard and expect success!

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