Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gluteus Medius Training Avoids Injuries

Don't neglect to train the gluteus medius. Weakness in the gluteus medius can result in knee and back injuries.

Weakness in the gluteus medius also contributes to instability when you walk, run and jump. In other words, you will avoid alot of injuries just by training the darn gluteus medius!

The gluteus medius is the main hip abductor. It moves your hip away from your body's midline.

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Abduction occurs during any athletic movement requiring you to move from side to side such as playing the infield in baseball, defense in basketball and football, and ice skating. The gluteus medius and gluteus minimus also have critical roles in gait (walking) because they stabilize the pelvis. This prevents the pelvis from tilting sideways when you are balancing on one foot.

According to Laura Presswood and colleagues from New Zealand, the following exercises are great for strengthening and conditioning the gluteus medius:

1. Side lying leg lifts
2. Single-leg squats
3. Lunges
4. Cable or resistance band hip abductions
5. Balancing on one leg

I would also add step ups and leg swings to this list.

The gluteus medius causes running injuries for many athletes. Because you run on one leg at a time, a weak gluteus medius will always cause running mechanics problems and injuries.

It is important to keep your hips and glutes conditioned all year.

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES
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