Thursday, February 5, 2009

Improve Range Of Motion By Doing Exercises Correctly

The other day, I saw a guy doing a bench press set by moving the weight half way down and back up to the top......he is cutting off his range of motion and limiting his strength throughout the entire range of motion by doing the bench press this way.....he is also limiting his flexibility by doing the bench press half-way.....

You should know that the toughest part of the lift on bench press is from the chest to half-way, you can lift more weight by not taking the weight all the way down to your chest! Lifting more weight by not doing the exercise correctly should not be your goal!

Unless you are rehabbing an injury and trying to restore full range of motion, you should do all exercises with full range of motion! Don't cheat yourself!

Do strength exercises, power exercises, bodyweight exercises, flexibility exercises, etc. with full range of motion. It will make you a better athlete! Don't take shortcuts!

Do you have questions about how to do an exercise? Let me know!

Train hard and smart!

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